prof hae hyoung lee


Principal Investigator
Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering (ITREN)

  • Professor and Chair, Department of Biomaterials Science, College of Dentistry, Dankook University
  • Adj. Professor, Nanobiomedical Science Graduate School, Dankook University
  • Director, Dental Research Institute, Dankook University
  • Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering (ITREN), Dankook University


Bachelor degreeCollege of Dentistry, Dankook University, DDS 1987

Ph.D: Graduate School of the University of Tokushima, 1999


(1990-1994) - Practice in General Dentistry

(1999-2002) - Asst. Professor, School of Dentistry, Wonkwang University, Korea

(2005-2006) - Visiting researcher, Baylor College of Dentistry, TX, USA

(2012-2013) - Visiting Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA


(2015-2019) - President, Korean Society for Dental Materials

(2016-2017) - Review Board in Dental Science of Korea Research Foundation

(2017-2019) - Chairman, Faculty Association for Dental Materials of Dental College of Korea 

Selected Papers


[1] Uniaxial/biaxial flexure strengths and elastic properties of resin-composite block materials for CAD/CAM. Dent Mater 35:389-401 (2019).

[2] Dual-ion delivery for synergistic angiogenesis and bactericidal capacity with silica-based microsphere. Acta Biomater 83:1742-7061 (2019)

[3] Multi-functional nano-adhesive releasing therapeutic ions for MMP-deactivation and remineralization. Sci Rep 8:1-10 (2018).

[4] Nano-graphene oxide incorporated into PMMA resin to prevent microbial adhesion. Dent Mater 34:63-72 (2018).

[5] Cytotoxicity and proinflammatory cytokine expression induced by interim resin materials in primary cultured human dental pulp cells. J Prosth Dent 118:524-534 (2017).

[6] Drug/ion co-delivery multi-functional nanocarrier to regenerate infected tissue defect. Biomaterials 142:62-76 (2017).

[7] Rechargeable microbial anti-adhesive polymethyl methacrylate incorporating silver sulfadiazine-loaded mesoporous silica nanocarriers. Dent Mater 33:361-371 (2017).

[8] Sol-gel-derived bioactive glass nanoparticle-incorporated glass ionomer cement with or without chitosan for enhanced mechanical and biomineralization properties. Dent Mater 33:805-817 (2017).

[9] Development of long-term antimicrobial poly(methyl methacrylate) by incorporating mesoporous silica nanocarriers. Dent Mater 32: 1564-1574 (2016)

[10] Advanced Biomatrix Designs for Regenerative Therapy of Periodontal Tissues. J Dent Res 93:1203-1211 (2014).

[11] Degradation in the fatigue strength of dentin by cutting, etching and adhesive bonding. Dent Mater 30:1061-1072 (2014).

[12] Development of a novel aluminum-free glass ionomer cement based on magnesium/strontium-silicate glasses. Mater Sci Eng C 41:0298-4931 (2014).