International Networks

글로벌한 ITREN과 네트워크를 가진 연구기관들

Global Networks

Global Networks information(Country, Exchange agency, Exchange institution name)

Country Exchange agency Exchange institution name
United Kingdom UCL logo University Collage London (UCL)
USA Columbia University logo Columbia University
USA University of Pennsylvania logo University of Pennsylvania
Spain IBEC logo Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)
Australia The University of Sydney logo The University of Sydney
United Kingdom Cardiff University logo Cardiff University
China Peking University (北京大學)logo Peking University (北京大學)
Mongolia MONOS group logo MONOS group
China Yanbian University Hospital and Medical School(延邊大學医院 및 医學院) logo Yanbian University Hospital and Medical School(延邊大學医院 및 医學院)
Japan Tokushima University (德島大學) logo Tokushima University (德島大學)
China Sun Yat-senUniversity (中山大學) logo Sun Yat-senUniversity (中山大學)
China YanbianUniversity of Science & Technology (延邊科學技術大學) logo YanbianUniversity of Science & Technology (延邊科學技術大學)

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