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In Vivo Animal Models:

We develop animal models to test our hypothesis and to examine in vivo phenomena of the developed biomaterials, manipulated cells and tissue-engineered constructs. Most studies are in rodent (rat and nude mouse) and some are in rabbit, beagle dog, and porcine, targeting diseases and damaged tissues in neuro-musculo-skeletal systems.

Below are details developed thus far in ITREN, and more are under development.

  • Bone models: calvarium critical-sized defect, alveolar bone critical-sized defect, vertical bone augmentation, bone fracture model for large bone defects
  • Cartilage defect model for hydrogel-cell
  • Tendon repair models: patellar tendon, Achilles tendon
  • Bone-cartilage model for hydrogel implant
  • Bone-ligament model
  • Periodontal ligament defect model
  • Tooth extraction model
  • Dentin regeneration model
  • Skeletal muscle defect models
  • Aorta blood vessel model for tissue engineered BV
  • Spinal cord injury model for neural regeneration
  • Sciatic nerve model for nerve conduits
  • Temporomandibular joint model for osteoarthritis disease treatment
  • Osteoporosis model (ovariectomy) for bone disease treatment
  • Ischemic injury model in hind limb


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