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Center programs
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Title of Project Pl Project Period Funding(M$)
MRC(Medical Research Center) Mechanobiology Dental Medicine Research Center Prof. Kim HW 2021-06-01 ~ 2028-02-29 11
(Priority Research Center: Phase II) Interdisciplinary research of materials-cells-biofactors for complex tissue regeneration Prof. Lee HH 2019-06-01 ~ 2025-02-28 4.6
(GRDC: Global Research Development Center) UCL Eastman-Korea Dental Medicine Innovation Center Prof. Kim HW, with UCL Eastman (Prof. Knowles JC) 2018-07-01 ~ 2023-12-31 6.8
(GRC: Global Research Center) Nanobiomaterials and integrative technologies for direct reprogramming cells in target tissue regeneration Prof. Kim HW, with Columbia University (Prof. Leong KW) 2015-09-01 ~ 2021-06-30 2.1
Tissue regeneration through inflammation-regulatory and pro-angiogenic ‘therapeutic biomaterials’ and the mechanistic study of the complexity Prof. Kim HW 2015-09-01 ~ 2021-06-30 1.3
(BK21 Plus) - Nanobiomedical Science Global Research Center for Regenerative Medicine Prof. Kim HW 2013-09-01 ~ 2020-08-31 5.3
Development if Bioactive Silica Based medical Devices for Hard Tissue Regeneration GENTREN 2017-12-15 ~ 2019-12-14 1
(Priority Research Center) Tissue regeneration engineering interdisciplinary research: construction of targeting materials-cells-biofactors Prof. Kim HW 2009-09-01 ~ 2018-08-31 6.6

Personal grants

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Personal grants
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no. title of project, project period funding($)

Title of Project Pl Project Period Funding($)
A new approach of nanotopography based antioxidant Cerium oxide coated on Polycaprolactone scaffold for bone regeneration Dr. Rajendra K.S 2020-06-01 ~ 2023-05-31 150
Development of optimal endothelial differentiation using stem cell from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED) Prof. Lee JH 2020-06-01 ~ 2021-05-31 50
Etablishment of nanofiber-based ex vivo T cell expansion system mimicking antigen presenting cells that improves qualities of cytotoxic T cells for cancer immunotherapy Dr. Kim HS 2020-06-01 ~ 2022-02-28 87
Plasma Cell-free DNA Methylation Biomarker for Development of Diagnostic Kit for Progressive Liver Disease Prof. Hyun JE 2020-06-01 ~ 2021-05-31 50
Drug-Inorganic Nanoassemblies with Theranostic Functions for Lung and Breast Cancer treatments Prof. Choi GE 2020-06-01 ~ 2021-05-31 50
Development of 2-D graphitic carbon nitride-clay hybrid with 1 : 1 heterostructure for all UV Dr. Piao H 2020-06-01 ~ 2023-05-31 150
Development of macro channeled scaffold with bioactive glass coating and root canal filler for alveolar bone regeneration Dr. Park JH 2019-06-01 ~ 2022-05-31 125
Mechanism of osteoporosis using PUMILIO gene suppression-based mesenchymal stem cells and development of cell therapy Dr. Yoon DS 2019-06-01 ~ 2022-05-31 125
Development of tissue mimcking three dimensional 3 D structure for biomedical tissue based on microfluidic system Dr. Kim CM 2019-06-01 ~ 2022-05-31 125
Development of anti-inflammatory nanomaterials for the treatment of osteoarthritis disease Dr. Khandmaa D. 2019-03-01 ~ 2022-02-28 125
Development of multi-functional injectable biomaterials for regenerating inflammatory temporomandibular joint tissue Prof. Lee JH 2019-03-01 ~ 2024-02-29 418
Global Organizational Reorganization Innovation Cluster Prof. Lee JH 2019-03-01 ~2019-11-30 42
Bioengineered carbon nanotube based nanofibrous-hydrogel nerve conduit for axon regeneration inspinal cord injury Dr. KAPIL D.P 2018-06-01 ~ 2021-05-31 125
Development of anti-inflammatory-nanoparticle based tissue engineering biomaterials for osteoarthritis treatment Prof. Jin GZ 2018-06-01 ~ 2021-05-31 125
Self-fluorescent and multi-imaging silica-based composite nanoparticles for cancer theranostics Dr. Rajendra K.S 2017-03-01 ~ 2020-02-29 125
Anti-inflammatory nanoparticles with drug and gene delivery capacity Dr. Kim TH 2016-11-01 ~ 2019-10-31 125
Development of angiogenic and inflammation modulatory multifunctional nanoparticle for hard tissue regeneration Prof. Lee JH 2018-06-01 ~ 2019-05-31 42