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Welcome to Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering (ITREN)!

ITREN was established in 2007 at Dankook University, aiming to pioneer the field of tissue engineering and regeneration medicine. Faculty members from multidisciplinary areas including engineering, chemistry, biology, medical and dental sciences and clinics were gathered to share the expertise and build up collaborative programs in nano-biomedical science and engineering.

Year 2009 was the landmark to grant the National Priority Research Center Program. As a part of the program, ITREN settled down to a new place (Pharmacy building), equipped with various research and working facilities that have fired more concentrated and collaborative works together.

The research aim of ITREN is to repair and regenerate damaged and diseased human tissues including nerve, muscle, bone, cartilage, blood vessels and tooth. In order to realize this, we integrate our expertise in developing biomaterials and nanoparticles for stem cell fate control and drug/gene delivery, ex vivo modeling of target tissues in 3D conditions, and performing in vivo preclinical studies for translational purposes. Degenerative diseases, immune/inflammatory-related dysfunctions and construction of fully vascularized tissues are some of recent focused interests.

Currently, along with entering the 2nd phase of Priority Research Center Program in Tissue Engineering, ITREN has granted several key national research programs, including Global Research Lab (GRL) with Columbia University, Joint Center with UCL Eastman (GRDC), Medical Research Center (MRC), and BK21+ Program in Regenerative Medicine, referencing one of the leading institutes in this field.

ITREN has developed internship program for undergraduates, and curriculums for graduate courses (MS and PhD degree) through Department of Nanobiomedical Science. Furthermore, ITREN offers the opportunities to post-docs to build up their strong career. It is our pride that many scientists from ITREN have got offered solid jobs in academia, industry and research units.

Lastly, we hope to share with the scientists in this community that Journal of Tissue Engineering (JTE), an official publication of ITREN, is open to disseminate cutting-edge research news in the field. JTE is indexed in Journal Citation Reports (JCR), PubMed, and Scopus. In 2021, JCR released new Impact Factor of 8.2, positioning JTE one of the leading journals in the field of Cell and Tissue Engineering.

ITREN continues to try to step forward to next agenda in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, hoping to become a reference in this field.

Enjoy ITREN!

July 2023

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