ITREN Summer Internship


* 조직재생공학연구원은 전세계 학부생 3-4학년을 대상으로 매년 하계인턴쉽을 8주간 운영하고 있습니다.

* 인턴쉽 지원을 통해 세계최고수준의 연구환경에서 다양한 실험연구를 체험하고 새로운 미래를 설계할 수 있습니다.


July-Aug (total 8 weeks)

What to learn

  • Experience world-class research institute and related facilities
  • Learn hand on experiments on general topics in bio-nano-medical fields
  • Make strong relationship with seniors and scientists in this field
  • Develop motivation to further graduate courses and to become a global scientist

Weekly schedule

Weekly schedule
Information message

Provide information of category, week, detail topic, self-stduy task(individual)

Category Week Detail topic Self-study Task (individual)
Chemistry & Materials 1st Nanoparticles & Drug delivery XRD, Zeta sizer & UV-vis
2nd Scaffolds & tissue engineering SEM/EDS & Mechanical
3rd Biomaterials synthesis & 3D printing TGA, DSC, NMR, IR, GPC
Commentary Biomaterials and tissue engineering  
Cells & Assays 4th General cell culture Cell culture hood Incubator
5th Cell viability & ICC (Confocal) microscope
6th qPCR & Western blot PCR & Western blot
Commentary Cell therapy  
Animals and In vivo 7th Primary culture Animal anesthesia & sacrifice
8th Animal study (surgery & maintenance) IACUC/IRB
Surgical tools
Commentary Clinical applications  
Summary 9th Final presentation Presentation skill, statistics


  • What to do
    Daily research meetingSpecial lecturesExperiments Weekly seminar and report
  • ITREN Research workshop (General issues, research presentations) Summer membership training Foreign scholars visiting & lectures