Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer List

Date Company Technology  
04.01.2013 GIL Biot Fusion protein using for bone and teeth regeneration  
07.25.2013   A novel preparation of magnetic hydroxyapatite nanobubes  
07.25.2013   Polymer biomaterial-based stem cell coculture techniques  
10.21.2015 Medikinetics 질환모델 형질전환 복제돼지 기술  
10.28.2015 GIL Bio Bioactive glass nanofiber with protein adhesive type and a preparation method thereof  
01.18.2017 NAVIBioTech Cell live and dead assay protocol for FACS analysis  
09.01.2017 For-u engineering A carbon nanotube-buckypaper and the preparation method thereof  
09.01.2017 For-u engineering Electrostatic Filter Comprising Core-shall Structured High Conductive CNT-chitosan Membrane  
11.30.2017 GENOSS Hydrogel comprising collagen and surface-aminated nanobioactive glass  
11.30.2017   A bioactive nanocomposite calcium phosphate bone cement composition and a kit for preparing the same  
07.25.2018 Wiregene Biodegradable nerve conduit having channels of microstructure and manufacturing method of the same