roman perez


Assistant Professor and Co-Investigator
Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering (ITREN)


Bachelor degree: From University of Barcelona, BSc (Chemistry) (Class of 2006)

Ph.D:  From Technical University of Catalonia, PhD (Materials Science) (2011.07.26)


(2011-2013) - Postdoctoral Fellow: Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering at Dankook University of South Korea.

(2013) - Postdoctoral fellow: University College Dublin. Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. Ireland

(2013-2014) - Postdoctoral Fellow. Ryerson University. Chemical Engineering. Toronto, Canada.

(2014-Current) - Research Professor. Dankook University. South Korea.


(2011) - Spanish Ministry of Science and Education Scholarship for research in other institution. Dankook University. Cheonan, South Korea. 2 months.

(2009) - Spanish Ministry of Science and Education Scholarship for research in other institution. MIT/Harvard Medical School. Boston, USA. 9 months.

(2007-2011) - Spanish Ministry of Science and Education Scholarship for graduate student.

(2006-2007) - IBEC scholarship for graduate student.

(2005-2006) - Undergraduate scholarship department of Biochemistry. University of Barcelona.

Published Papers

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