Specialized Tasks

guang zhen jin

Dr. Guang-Zhen Jin

Translational Studies







Biomaterials, Cells and Tissue Engineering



Dr. Hyung-Woo Choi

Nanoparticles and surface functionalization for
smart drug delivery
kim tae hyun

Dr. Tae-Hyun Kim 

Ultra-Sctructural Cell Morphology, Apoptosis and Cancer Therapy


seo seog jin

Dr. Seog-Jin Seo

Functionalized Scaffold for Tissue Engineering and Development of Deilvery Agents for Therapeutic Biomolecules

banani kundu phd

Dr. Banani Kundu

Development of Silk Biomaterials as Tissue Scaffolds, Implant-Host Interface Study and Development of Therapeutic Delivery Vehicle



jong wan kim

Dr. Jong-Wan Kim

Spinal Cord Injury and Nerve Regeneration, Urodynamic Study and Protein Expression and Purification
rajendra kumar singh

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Singh



lee jung hwan

Dr. Jun-Hwan Lee

Titanium Surface Modification and Biological Effects, Stem Cell Differentiation and Dental Biomaterials
ahmed el fiqi

Dr. Ahmed El-Fiqi



mohamed eltohamy

Dr. Eltohamy Mohamed

Dr. Prakash Parthiban

Electrospun Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration




Dr. Kapil D. Patel

       Graphene based biomaterials