Sangjun Lee

Sangjun Lee


Global Research Lab (GRL) Program, led by Prof. Hae-Won Kim with Prof. Kam W. Leong in Columbia and Prof. Jonathan Knowles and Dr. Ivan Wall in University College London, is a world-leading integrated research on the cellular reprogramming with biomaterials and biomedical technology.


Korea government invests the GRL team about 500,000,000 KRW annum up to 6 years (from 2015’ to 2021’), and a matching of ~140,000 plus 480,000 USD annum for 6 years from Columbia and UCL also includes.


The global team aims to apply nano-biomedical engineering platforms to directly reprogram cells, with high efficiency, safety, and scalability, those applicable for the nerve and muscle repair and regeneration.

Dr. Banani Kundu and Dr. Junghwan Lee were granted NRF research fund for the year 2015.

Dr. Eun-Jung Lee was granted NRF research fund for the year 2015.



Researchers Minsil & Jennifer Olmos visit Prof. Kam Leong’s lab at Columbia University in New York, USA.

Visit was for 3 months beginning from April, 2015. 

Friday, 26 June 2015 05:57

Prof. SC Kundu’s visit to ITREN

Professor SC Kundu will be visiting ITREN in Cheonan, Korea.

Speaker : 박주철 교수

Date : 2008-04-10       

Title : DSPP BSP 유전자의 발현을 조절하는 NFI-C TGF-β의 상호작용을 통한 상아질-수복상아질의 형성 기전

Location : Dental school bld., Dankook University

Speaker : 김은철 교수

Date : 2009-02-05       

Title : Biological Roles Of Dental Pulp Cells

Location : Rm Date : 201 3rd Science Hall. Dankook University

Speaker : 장준혁 교수

Date : 2009-03-11       

Title : Signal Transduction In Tissue Regeneration

Location : Rm Date : 203 3rd Science Hall. Dankook University

Speaker : Dr.Oscar Castano

Date : 2009-03-17       

Title : Inorganic Nanomaterials For Tissue Repair

Location : Rm Date : 201  3rd Science Hall. Dankook University

Thursday, 25 June 2015 10:04

5 - Bio-Inspired Bony Bone

Speaker : 고영학 교수

Date : 2009-04-06       

Title : Bio-Inspired Bony Bone

Location : Rm Date : 203  3rd Science Hall. Dankook University