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ITREN PhD Course Application Guide (Anytime)

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ITREN PhD Course Application Guide

1. Course

  1. PhD course
  2. PhD/MS integrated course

2. Opportunities

  1. International lectureship (UCL, Columbia Univ., Sydney Univ, etc)
  2. International collaborative researches
  3. Full scholarship
  4. Monthly salary (800$~1900$/month (before tax reduction) depending on your ability and experiences)
  5. Project incentives

3. Start of date

  • Degree starts from Mar or Sep of each year
  • Internship (6 mon~1 year) is possible at anytime after an agreement between student and ITREN.

4. Contact

  • Email CV, a letter of self-introduction, and your future research plan (all free format) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+82 41 550 3082)
  • Feel free to contact us with any inquiry


/박사 대학원생 지원 가이드라인

1. 학위과정

  1. 박사과정
  2. /박사 통합과정

2. 특전

  1. 해외석학 강좌 개설 (UCL, Columbia Univ., Sydney Univ, etc)
  2. 국제공동연구 (공동지도교수, 6개월~1년 해외파견)
  3. 전액 장학금
  4. 월급 (80~190만원/, 개인의 능력과 경력에 따라 계약함)
  5. 프로젝트 수행 인센티브

3. 시기

  • 매년 3월 또는 9
  • 협의 후 인턴쉽 (6개월~1) 가능함.

4. 연락

  • CV, 자기소개서, 연구계획서를 자유형식으로 메일로 송부 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+82 41 550 3082)



We offer a position of 'Research Professorship' and 'Post-doc fellowship' for those who are passionate and eager to work at ITREN.

Let's make together something difference and amazing things happen with you. 


1. Position

1) Research Professors

2) Post-doctoral Fellows


2. Field of Research and Specialization

1) Cell reprogramming

2) Biomaterial synthesis (synthetic hydrogel, etc.)

3) Protein engineering

4) Neural cells, stem cells

5) Animal studies (neuro-muscular-skeletal system)

6) Any research area related with biomaterials, cell engineering


3. Contact

Email CV with list of publications, a letter of self-introduction and your future research plan (all free format) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+82 41 550 3082) in anytime.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiry


4. Etc.

Salary (30,000$~50,000$/year) depending on his/her ability and experiences

Project incentives (~1,000$~3,000S, depending on published papers and government research grants)

International collaborative researches with Columbia, UPenn, UCL, Sydney Univ.



1. 모집인원 

1) 전임연구교수

2) 전임연구원

3) 일반연구원

4) 전문연구요원 (자체 TO 보유, 병무청 허가 기관)


2. 모집분야

1) 세포리프로그래밍

2) 생체재료합성 (하이드로젤, 고분자 등)

3) 신경세포, 줄기세포 연구

4) 동물실험 (신경, 근육 재생 중심)

5) 기타 세포공학, 생체물리 등


3. 연락

CV (논문 목록), 자기소개서, 연구계획을 이메일로 송부

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+82 41 550 3082)


4. 기타

연봉 3~5 (세전), 경험과 능력에 따라 계약

인센티브 (논문 및 연구비 수주에 따라, 1~5백만)

과제내용에 따라 해외파견 근무 (Columbia, Uppen, UCL, Syndy )


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Researchers Jung-Hwan Lee and Banani Kundu were selected for a National Project. Each one got 50M won/year up to 3 years.

Jung-Hwan Lee proposed the development of bioactive glass nanoparticle incorporated dental materials for dentin regeneration.

Banani proposed the development of a customized drug screening three-dimensional platform to treat metastatic neuroblastoma.









Internship and collaborative research under professor Ivan Wall in UCL Biochemical Engineering.

Main project is doing an experimentation on an injectable hydrogel for enhanced Olfactory Ensheathing Cells (hOECs) delivery for the nerve tissue regeneration.

OECs interaction with neurons and astrocytes with behavior characterization with the use of different hydrogels.



Wednesday, 02 December 2015 03:39

Olfactory Ensheathing Cells used for Nerve Repair

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Global Research Lab (GRL) Program, led by Prof. Hae-Won Kim with Prof. Kam W. Leong in Columbia and Prof. Jonathan Knowles and Dr. Ivan Wall in University College London, is a world-leading integrated research on the cellular reprogramming with biomaterials and biomedical technology.


Korea government invests the GRL team about 500,000,000 KRW annum up to 6 years (from 2015’ to 2021’), and a matching of ~140,000 plus 480,000 USD annum for 6 years from Columbia and UCL also includes.


The global team aims to apply nano-biomedical engineering platforms to directly reprogram cells, with high efficiency, safety, and scalability, those applicable for the nerve and muscle repair and regeneration.

Dr. Banani Kundu and Dr. Junghwan Lee were granted NRF research fund for the year 2015.

ITREN expanded its International cooperation with School of Medicine, Yanbian University in July, 2015.

Institute has recently signed Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with School of Medicine, Yanbian University for joint research in tissue engineering and translational work.

Yanbian University has been selected as one of the Top Universities in China and supported by the State “211Project”. 


The joint researches will focus on repairing mandibular defect by use of particles and stimulating cartilage regeneration through cartilage cells and synthetic polymer scaffold

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