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 UCL Eastman-Korea Dental Medicine Innovation Center international symposium & patent exhibition was held in dankook university in November, 2018

Collaborative academic conference between Korea and china for regeneration engineering was held in dankook university in May, 2018

Wednesday, 02 May 2018 05:09

(2018.04) ITREN and MONOS Group collaboration

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ITREN expanded its International cooperation with Monos Group, Mongolia in April, 2018.


Institute recently visited to Monos Group in Mongolia. The Group involved Drug development Institute, Pharmaceutical University and GMP standard Factory for manufacturing drugs.

The joint researchers will focus on Osteoporosis drug development and Allergy targeted drug delivery.



 Prof. Kim HW granted NRF fund (300M won ~300,000$) per year up to 5 years for the research on immune- or angio-modulatory biomaterials.


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