ITREN, as a Priority Research Centre announced by Korea government, is a research institute established at Dankook University in 2007. Institute aims to advance interdisciplinary researches in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, covering basic science to engineering and medicinal / dental applications.

1) All the space and room you need to conduct latest research and experiments






Upto 1,500 meter square  containing everything necessary for cutting-edge Biomaterials Research








2) More than 70 kinds of Equipments and Analyzing Machines






Chemical/Materials Analyses: XPS, SEM, EDS, XRD, FT-IR, TGA, DTA;

Biological assays: Confocal microscopies (3), FACS cell sorter (2), Fluorescence microscopies, Cell culture room, Flexell cell culture system;








3) Animal Facility - Around the Clock Care and Management

animalSPF grade

Rat, mouse, nude mouse, genie pig ~150-200 animals are raised.

MicroCT, in vivo imaging system, etc

Models established: skeletal muscle, bone, tendon, cartilage, osteochondral, ligament, tooth, blood vessel, spinal cord, sciatic nerve, stroke

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