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Feature Articles

J. Clinical Investigation (2020) Epithelial splicing regulatory protein 2–mediated alternative splicing reprograms hepatocytes in severe alcoholic hepatitis Jeongeun Hyun, ... Anna Mae Diehl Biomaterials (2020) - Revascularization and limb salvage following critical limb ischemia by nanoceria-induced Ref-1/APE1-dependent angiogenesis Park IS, Mahapatra C, ... Kim HW Biomaterials (2020) - Hierarchical microchanneled scaffolds modulate multiple tissue-regenerative processes of immune-responses, angiogenesis, and stem cell homing Won JE, Lee YS, Park JH, Lee JH, Shin YS, Kim CH, Jonathan C. Knowles, Kim HW Biomaterials (2019) - Anti-inflammatory action of folate-functionalized bioactive ion-releasing nanoparticle imply drug-free nanotherapy of inflamed tissue Kim TH, Kang MS, ... Kim HW PNAS (2019) - Implantable multireservoir device with stimulus-responsive membrane for on-demand and pulsatile delivery of growth hormone Lee SH, Piao H, Cho YC...... Choy JH* Mater Horizons (2019) - Carbon based-nanomaterials as an emerging platform for theranostics Patel KD, Singh RK, Kim HW Biomaterials (2019) - Role of nuclear mechanosensitivity in determining cellular responses to forces and biomaterials Lee JH, Lee HH, Kim DH, Kim HW* Adv Drug Deliv Rev (2019) - Advanced drug delivery systems and artificial skin grafts for skin wound healing Kim HS, Sun X, Lee JH, Kim HW, Fu X, Leong KW* Biomaterials (2018) - Nanocements produced from mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles. Kang MS, Lee NH, Singh RK......... Lee JH, Kim HW*. Advanced Science (2017) - Cerium oxide nanoparticles enhance functional recovery following spinal cord contusion in rats Kim JW, Mahapatra C, Hong JY, Kim MS, Leong KW, Kim HW*, Hyun JK* Chemical Reviews (2017) - CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing for disease modeling and therapy: opportunities for non-viral delivery Wang HX, Li M, Lee CM, Chakraborty S, Kim HW, Bao G, Leong KW* Biomaterials (2017) - Drug/ion co-delivery multi-functional nanocarrier to regenerate infected tissue defect Lee JH, El-Fiqi A, Mandakhbayar N, Lee HH, Kim HW* Mater Horizons (2017) - Silica-based multifunctional nanodelivery systems toward regenerative medicine Perez RA, Singh RK, Kim TH, Kim HW* Nano Today (2017) - Extra- and intra-cellular fate of nanocarriers under dynamic interactions with biology Seo SJ, Chen M, Wang H, Kang MS, Leong KW, Kim HW* Biomaterials (2017) - Promoting angiogenesis with mesoporous microcarriers through a synergistic action of delivered silicon ion and VEGF Dashnyam K, Jin GZ, Kim JH, Perez R, Jang JH, Kim HW* Prog Mater Sci (2016) - Biomaterials control of pluripotent stem cell fate for regenerative therapy Perez RA, Han CM, Choi SJ, Leong KW, Kim HW* Biomaterials (2016) - Magnetic nanocomposite scaffolds combined with static magnetic field in the stimulation of osteoblastic differentiation and bone formation Yun HM, Ahn SJ, Park KR, Kim MJ, Kim JJ, Jin GZ, Kim HW*, Kim EC* Prog Mater Sci (2016) - Sol-gel based materials for biomedical application Gareth Owens G, Singh RK, Foroutan F, .....Kim HW*, Knowles JC* Mater Today (2016) - Therapeutically-relevant aspects in bone repair and regeneration Perez RA, Seo SJ, Won JE, Lee EJ, Jang JH, Knowles JC, Kim HW* Cell Stem Cell (2015) - Wall I, Generating iPSCs: Translating cell reprogramming science into scalable and robust biomanufacturing strategies. Silva M, Daheron L, Hurley H, Bure Kim, Barker R, Carr AJ, Williams D, Kim HW, French A, Coffey PJ, Cooper-White JJ, Reeve B, Rao M, Snyder E, Ng KS,


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