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Feature Articles @ITREN in 2018~2023 (최근 5년간 출간된 하이라이트 논문 40편) ITREN Advanced Science (2023) Cyclic stretch promotes cellular reprogramming process through cytoskeletal-nuclear mechao-coupling... Park SM, Lee JH*, Ahn GS,..., Shim H*, Kim HW* Trends in Biotechnology (2023) Advanced materials technologies to unravel mechanobiological phenomena Kim HS, Taghizadeh A, Taghizadeh M, Kim HW* Advanced Functional Materials (2023) Coordinated Biophysical Stimulation of MSCs via Electromagnetized Au-Nanofiber Matrix Regulates Cytoskeletal-to-Nuclear Mechanoresponses and Lineage Specification Singh RK*, Kurian AG, Sagar V, ..., Lee JH*, Kim HW * Bioactive Materials (2023) Double hits with bioactive nanozyme based on cobalt-doped nanoglass for acute and diabetic wound therapies through anti-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic functions Mandakhbayar N, Ji Y, ..., Lee JH*, Kim HW* Materials Today Bio (2023) Multifunctional dendrimer@nanoceria engineered GelMA hydrogel accelerates bone regeneration through orchestrated cellular responses Kurian AG, Mandakhbayar N, Singh RK*, Lee JH*, Jin G, Kim HW* Chemical Engineering Journal (2023) Electroconductive and mechano-competent PUCL@CNT nanohybrid scaffolds guiding neuronal specification Li YM, Patel KD, Han YG, ... Lee JH*, Kim HW* Biomaterials (2023) Mechano-modulation of T cells for cancer immunotherapy Hyun J*, Kim SJ, Cho SD, Kim HW* Progress in Materials Science (2023) Materials-based nanotherapeutics for injured and diseased bone Lee CS, Sing RK, ... Kim HS*, Lee M*, Kim HW* Advanced Healthcare Materials (2023) Delivery of Induced Neural Stem Cells Through Mechano-tuned Silk-collagen Hydrogels... Davaa G, Hong JY, Lee JH,... Hyun JK*, Kim HW* Biomaterials (2022) Nanoceria-GO-intercalated multicellular spheroids revascularize and salvage critical ischemic limbs through anti-apoptotic... Bayaraa O, Dashnyam K, Singh RK,...Lee JH, Kim HW* Matter (2022) Matrix-enabled mechanobiological modulation of osteoimmunology Jung-Hwan Lee, Jae Hee Park, Jun Hee Lee, Hae-Hyoung Lee, Jonathan C Knowles, Hae-Won Kim Biomaterials (2022) Chemically-induced osteogenic cells for bone tissue engineering and disease modeling Yoon JY, Mandakhbayar N, Hyun J, ..., Lee JH*, Leong KW, Kim HW* Bioactive Materials (2022) Dendritic cell-mimicking scaffolds for ex vivo T cell expansion Kim HS, Ho TC, ..., Kim HW, Leong KW* Advanced Healthcare Materials (2022) Mimicking Bone Extracellular Matrix: From BMP-2-Derived Sequences... Oliver-Cervelló L, Martin-Gómez H, ...,Kim HW, Ginebra MP, Lee JH, Mas-Moruno C* Biomaterials (2022) Diabetic bone regeneration with nanoceria-tailored scaffolds by recapitulating cellular microenvironment... Singh RK, Yoon DS, Mandakhbayar N,... Lee JH*, Kim HW* Bioactive Materials (2022) Materials and extracellular matrix rigidity highlighted in... Park JH, Jo S, Lee JH, Lee HH, Knowles JC, Kim HW* Bioengineering & Translational Medicine (2022) Hyperelastic, shape‐memorable, and ultra‐cell‐adhesive... Hong SM, Yoon JY, Cha JR, ..., Lee JH*, Kim HW* Cell Death & Differentiation (2022) TLR4 downregulation by the RNA-binding protein PUM1... Yoon DS, ..., Lee JH, Kim HW*, Lee JW* Trends in Molecular Medicine (2022) Leveraging cellular mechano-responsiveness for cancer therapy Hyun J, Kim HW*


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