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Advanced Science (2024) Targeting Nuclear Mechanics Mitigates the Fibroblast Invasiveness in Pathological Dermal Scars Induced by Matrix Stiffening Fu X, Taghizadeh A, Taghizadeh M, Li CJ, Lim NK, Lee JH, Kim HS*, Kim HW* Nano-Micro Letters (2024) Nanozyme-Engineered Hydrogels for Anti-Inflammation and Skin Regeneration Kurian AG, Singh RK, Sagar V, Lee JH, Kim HW* Feature Articles @ITREN in 2018~2023 (최근 5년간 출간된 하이라이트 논문 40편) ITREN Advanced Science (2023) Cyclic stretch promotes cellular reprogramming process through cytoskeletal-nuclear mechao-coupling... Park SM, Lee JH*, Ahn GS,..., Shim H*, Kim HW* Trends in Biotechnology (2023) Advanced materials technologies to unravel mechanobiological phenomena Kim HS, Taghizadeh A, Taghizadeh M, Kim HW* Advanced Functional Materials (2023) Coordinated Biophysical Stimulation of MSCs via Electromagnetized Au-Nanofiber Matrix Regulates Cytoskeletal-to-Nuclear Mechanoresponses and Lineage Specification Singh RK*, Kurian AG, Sagar V, ..., Lee JH*, Kim HW * Bioactive Materials (2023) Double hits with bioactive nanozyme based on cobalt-doped nanoglass for acute and diabetic wound therapies through anti-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic functions Mandakhbayar N, Ji Y, ..., Lee JH*, Kim HW* Materials Today Bio (2023) Multifunctional dendrimer@nanoceria engineered GelMA hydrogel accelerates bone regeneration through orchestrated cellular responses Kurian AG, Mandakhbayar N, Singh RK*, Lee JH*, Jin G, Kim HW* Chemical Engineering Journal (2023) Electroconductive and mechano-competent PUCL@CNT nanohybrid scaffolds guiding neuronal specification Li YM, Patel KD, Han YG, ... Lee JH*, Kim HW* Biomaterials (2023) Mechano-modulation of T cells for cancer immunotherapy Hyun J*, Kim SJ, Cho SD, Kim HW* Progress in Materials Science (2023) Materials-based nanotherapeutics for injured and diseased bone Lee CS, Sing RK, ... Kim HS*, Lee M*, Kim HW* Advanced Healthcare Materials (2023) Delivery of Induced Neural Stem Cells Through Mechano-tuned Silk-collagen Hydrogels... Davaa G, Hong JY, Lee JH,... Hyun JK*, Kim HW* Biomaterials (2022) Nanoceria-GO-intercalated multicellular spheroids revascularize and salvage critical ischemic limbs through anti-apoptotic... Bayaraa O, Dashnyam K, Singh RK,...Lee JH, Kim HW* Matter (2022) Matrix-enabled mechanobiological modulation of osteoimmunology Jung-Hwan Lee, Jae Hee Park, Jun Hee Lee, Hae-Hyoung Lee, Jonathan C Knowles, Hae-Won Kim Biomaterials (2022) Chemically-induced osteogenic cells for bone tissue engineering and disease modeling Yoon JY, Mandakhbayar N, Hyun J, ..., Lee JH*, Leong KW, Kim HW* Bioactive Materials (2022) Dendritic cell-mimicking scaffolds for ex vivo T cell expansion Kim HS, Ho TC, ..., Kim HW, Leong KW* Advanced Healthcare Materials (2022) Mimicking Bone Extracellular Matrix: From BMP-2-Derived Sequences... Oliver-Cervelló L, Martin-Gómez H, ...,Kim HW, Ginebra MP, Lee JH, Mas-Moruno C* Biomaterials (2022) Diabetic bone regeneration with nanoceria-tailored scaffolds by recapitulating cellular microenvironment... Singh RK, Yoon DS, Mandakhbayar N,... Lee JH*, Kim HW* Bioactive Materials (2022) Materials and extracellular matrix rigidity highlighted in... Park JH, Jo S, Lee JH, Lee HH, Knowles JC, Kim HW* Bioengineering & Translational Medicine (2022) Hyperelastic, shape‐memorable, and ultra‐cell‐adhesive... Hong SM, Yoon JY, Cha JR, ..., Lee JH*, Kim HW*


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