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39 - Polymeric Biomaterials for Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Applications

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ITREN (2015-07-29)
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Speaker : Jin Ho Lee, Ph.D. (Department of Advanced Materials, Hannam University)

Date : 2012-11-30

Location : Room 106Pharmacy Hall, Dankook University

Abstract : In recent years, various biocompatible polymers have been utilized to fabricate porous scaffolds or injectable carriers for cell culture or regenerate tissue-based artificial organs. In this presentation, various types of polymeric biomaterials for biomedical and tissue engineering applications carried out in our laboratory will be discussed. They include 3-D cell scaffolds for cartilage or bone regeneration, 2-D asymmetric porous membrane or tube for guided bone, tendon or nerve regeneration, and injectable porous beads and hydrogel systems as a tissue adhesion barrier or bulking agent for urinary/fecal incontinence treatment.