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51 - Natural Killer (NK) cells: Basics, Applications and Beyond

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ITREN (2016-07-18)
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Speaker : Dr. Tae-Don Kim, KRIBB

Location : Room 401 Pharmacy Building, Dankook University

Date: 2016-07-19

Abstract: Natural killer (NK) cells are well known lymphocytes as a killer for transformed cells via virus infection or tumorigenesis. In this talk, I am willing to introduce the basic information, therapeutic applications, and possible engineering about NK cells according to the outline as below.

  • Basic information about NK cell development and activation

  • Recent trends in cancer immunotherapy: animal experiments and clinical data

  • Possible solution to problems in present NK cell approaches to cancer

Therapy: NK cell engineering and culture/maintaining systems 

Personal Note: Especially, I have been interested in 3D culture system for immune cells including NK cells. This could be a main topic for the meeting.