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32 - Our Approach For In Vitro Tissue Synthesis

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ITREN (2015-07-22)
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Speaker : Takuya Matsumoto, Ph.D. (Professor & Chair, Department of Biomaterials, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and  Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University)

Date : 2012-07-31

Location : Room 107Pharmacy Hall, Dankook University

Abstract : In vitro fabricated biological tissue would be an ultimate implantable material for tissue regeneration. It also would be valuable tools for screening multiple drugs at a time. Thanks to the advancement of tissue engineering studies in the last few decades, researchers now develop several technique to manipulate cells for in vitro tissue synthesis. In this talk, I would like to introduce our materials and technique for in vitro cell and tissue manipulation for the future in vitro tissue synthesis.