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2023 April, Award from Korean Society for Dental Materials

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ITREN (2023-05-03)
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ITREN students successfully participated in the conference organised by the Korean Society of Dental Materials and received the awards on April 29, 2023.

Jae-Hee Park (Combined Ms&PhD course, 5th semester): Oral Presentation Award

        Title: ''Novel Strategy for dental pulp regeneration with conditioned media derived from human gingival fibroblasts''

Buuvee Bayarkhangai (PhD course, 5th semester): Best Poster Presentation award

        Title: "Enhancing antimicrobial activity via UV Treatment of Silane-treated zinc-oxide Nanoflakes"

Xiangting Fu (PhD course, 4th semester): Excellence award

        Title: ''Nanoporcelain fringe on gelatin methacryloyl employed ROS scavenging properties applied in bone therapy''