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ITREN (2019-09-04)
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ITREN recruits graduate students for Spring Semester 2020.

ITREN supports and provides research environment and facilities for a candidate student to build up a strong career and to dream a world-class scientist in the future.


ITREN은 2020년 1학기 대학원생을 모집합니다.

세계최고수준의 연구환경과 지원을 통해 학생들이 글로벌 연구자의 꿈을 이룰 수 있도록 프로그램을 운영합니다.


* 기존 전공이 다양한 분야 지원 가능 (공학, 생물학, 화학, 물리, 의학, 치의학, 약학, 수의학)

* 석사, 박사, 석박통합 지원 가능

* 이학/공학/의학/치의학/수의학 석, 박사학위 중 하나를 취득함

* 등록금과 생활비의 재정지원을 함

* 다양한 연구프로젝트에 참여하여 융합연구를 진행함

* 글로벌 연구자로 성장하기 위한 특별한 기회 제공

   - 해외 최고기관(컬럼비아대, UCL, 시드니대 등)의 석학들과 공동연구 진행

   - 해외학자들 방문 멘토링 및 특강 수시 개최

   - 선별하여 해외파견 (3개월~12개월) 및 공동학위 기회제공

* 지원기간 (10월말) 이전에 문의하여 상세한 지도상담을 통해 지원하기 바랍니다.

  - / 041-550-3082~4


1) Field eligibility

* Anyone who holds a BS or MS major in a wide spectrum, including below, can apply

- Engineering (Materials/ Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical Engineering, Biotechnology, etc)

- Basic Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

- Mecicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary  


2) Degree

* MS, PhD or MS/PhD integrated degree is possible depending on former degree

* Degree in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary is possible

* Major: i) Tissue Regeneration Engineering, ii) Bionano Science, iii) Regenerative Medicine 


3) Financial Support

* ITREN supports the students full coverage of tuition & living cost


4) Research Topic

* Students will take part in some of the projects listed below:

- Nanomaterials, hydrogels, and biopolymer synthesis

- Gene and drug delivery for tissue repair and disease treatment

- 3D culture of stem cells for regenerative medicine

- Cellular engineering and reprogramming

- Angiogenesis strategies

- Anti-inflammatory strategies

- Ex vivo disease modeling

- Animal studies

- Neural, muscle, bone, tooth repair and regeneration

- Dental biomaterials, implant modification


5) International Collaborative Research

* Students can visit the international institute (UCL, Columbia Univ, Sydney Univ, IBEC, etc) for 3-12 months

* Joint degree is possible

* Lectures and mentoring given by visiting scholars


6) How to Apply

- Please contact first (, and discuss details at the earliest, before the application period (officially, university plans the application process from Oct. 25 to Nov. 04, 2019)


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