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  • Biomaterials (2020) Protein-reactive nanofibrils decorated with cartilage-derived decellularized extracellular matrix for osteochondral defects
    Kim HS, Mandakhbaya N, Kim HW, Leong K, Yoo HS* 2020-07-08
  • Adv. Funct. Mater. (2020) Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and Electrospinning: Manufacturing Convergence ...
    Patel K, Kim HW, Knowles JC, Poma A* 2020-06-03
  • J. Clinical Investigation (2020) Epithelial splicing regulatory protein 2–mediated alternative splicing reprograms hepatocytes in severe alcoholic hepatitis
    Jeongeun Hyun, ... Anna Mae Diehl* 2020-04-14
  • Biomaterials (2020) - Revascularization and limb salvage following critical limb ischemia by nanoceria-induced Ref-1/APE1-dependent angiogenesis
    Park IS, Mahapatra C, ... Lee JH*, Kim HW* 2020-04-02
  • Biomaterials (2020) - Hierarchical microchanneled scaffolds modulate multiple tissue-regenerative processes of immune-responses, angiogenesis, and stem cell homing
    Won JE, ..., Knowles JC, Kim HW* 2019-11-14
  • Biomaterials (2019) - Anti-inflammatory action of folate-functionalized bioactive ion-releasing nanoparticle imply drug-free nanotherapy of inflamed tissue
    Kim TH, Kang MS, ... Kim HW* 2019-11-14
  • PNAS (2019) - Implantable multireservoir device with stimulus-responsive membrane for on-demand and pulsatile delivery of growth hormone
    Lee SH, Piao H, Cho YC...... Choy JH* 2019-09-06
  • Mater Horizons (2019) - Carbon based-nanomaterials as an emerging platform for theranostics
    Patel KD, Singh RK, Kim HW* 2019-07-03
  • Biomaterials (2019) - Role of nuclear mechanosensitivity in determining cellular responses to forces and biomaterials
    Lee JH, Lee HH, Kim DH, Kim HW* 2019-07-03
  • Adv Drug Deliv Rev (2019) - Advanced drug delivery systems and artificial skin grafts for skin wound healing
    Kim HS, Sun X, Lee JH, Kim HW, Fu X, Leong KW* 2019-07-03

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