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Bioactive Materials (2023) Double hits with bioactive nanozyme based on cobalt-doped nanoglass for acute and diabetic wound therapies through anti-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic functions

Author :
Mandakhbayar N, Ji Y, ..., Lee JH*, Kim HW* (2023-08-31)
Views :

Regeneration of pathological wounds, such as diabetic ulcers, poses a significant challenge in clinical settings, despite the widespread use of drugs. To overcome clinical side effects and complications, drug-free therapeutics need to be developed to promote angiogenesis while overcoming inflammation to restore regenerative events. This study presents a novel bioactive nanozyme based on cobalt-doped nanoglass (namely, CoNZ), which exhibits high enzymatic/catalytic activity while releasing therapeutic ions. Cobalt oxide “Co3O4” tiny crystallites produced in situ through a chemical reaction with H2O2 within CoNZ nanoparticles play a crucial role in scavenging ROS. Results showed that CoNZ-treatment to full-thickness skin wounds in mice significantly accelerated the healing process, promoting neovascularization, matrix deposition, and epithelial lining while reducing proinflammatory signs. Notably, CoNZ was highly effective in treating pathological wounds (streptozotocininduced diabetic wounds). Rapid scavenging of ROS by CoNZ and down-regulation of pro-inflammatory markers while up-regulating tissue healing signs with proliferative cells and activated angiogenic factors contributed to the observed healing events. In vitro experiments involving CoNZ-cultures with macrophages and endothelial cells exposed to high glucose and ROS-generating conditions further confirmed the effectiveness of CoNZ. CoNZpromoted angiogenesis was attributed to the release of cobalt ions, as evidenced by the comparable effects of CoNZ-extracted ionic medium in enhancing endothelial migration and tubule formation via activated HIF-1α. Finally, we compared the in vivo efficacy of CoNZ with the clinically-available drug deferoxamine. Results demonstrated that CoNZ was as effective as the drug in closing the diabetic wound, indicating the potential of CoNZ as a novel drug-free therapeutic approach.


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