Core Faculty Members

Khandmaa Dashnyam

Research Assistant. Prof. Khandmaa Dashnyam Core Faculty
Institute of Tissue Regeneration Enginnering (ITREN)

Dashnyam Khandmaa received her Ph.D degree in Tissue engineering from Dankook University in 2017. She studied the synthesis of silica microcarriers and their therapeutic role for the upregulation of angiogenesis through dual effects of silicate ion and growth factor during her Ph.D program.

Following her graduation, she worked in Institute of Tissue regeneration and engineering ( ITREN ) as a postdoctoral researcher and studied the anti-inflammatory nanoparticle delivery as a therapeutic cargo to the temporomandibular joint disorder and natural nano-calcium formulation for treating osteoporosis.

Her primary research focuses are studying anti-inflammatory action of therapeutic nanocarriers for osteoarthritis and developing natural based drug for anti-allergy.


  • Tissue engineering


  • Bachelor degree : From Mongolia International University
  • Master degree : From Dankook Universoty
  • Doctoral degree : From Dankook University


  • 2020 ~ current Assistant professor , Institute of tissue regeneration and engineering ( ITREN ), Dankook University
  • 2017 ~ 2020 Postdoc, Institute of tissue regeneration and engineering ( ITREN ), Dankook University

Selected Papers

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  • 2. Revascularization and limb salvage following critical limb ischemia by nanoceria-induced Ref-1/APE1-dependent angiogenesis, Biomaterial 2020
  • 3. Nano-graphene oxide/polyurethane nanofibers: mechanically flexible and myogenic stimulating matrix for skeletal tissue engineering. Journal of tissue engineering 2019
  • 4. Performance of a glucose-reactive enzyme-based biofuel cell system for biomedical applications. Scientific reports 2018
  • 5. Dual-ion delivery for synergistic angiogenesis and bactericidal capacity with silica-based microsphere. Acta biomaterialia 83, 322-333
  • 6. Angiogenesis-promoted bone repair with silicate-shelled hydrogel fiber scaffolds. Biomaterials science
  • 7. Feasibility of Defect Tunable Bone Engineering Using Electroblown Bioactive Fibrous Scaffolds with Dental Stem Cells. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering
  • 8. A mini-review focused on the proangiogenic role of silicate ions released from silicon-containing biomaterials. J Tissue Eng. 2017;08: 1-13
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  • 10. Surface guidance of stem cell behavior: chemically tailored co-presentation of integrin-binding peptides stimulates osteogenic differentiation in vitro and bone formation in vivo. Acta Biomater 2016; 43:269-81

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